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Video: Lady boy waitress accepts 40,000 baht after slap from angry "top civil servant"


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Just sack the bastard, Directors think they can get away with anything and are above the law. I would love to have been nearby, I would have dropped the little prick where he stood, no questions asked. 

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52 minutes ago, peterb17 said:

Gosh - whenever there is any post about trans people on this forum- we do seem to get some small minded ( putting it politely) people crawling out of the Thaivisa wood work . 

The world has moved on a bit . 




It's the TVF "Trip Down Memory Lane".

Like a "museum village" of the past.


Telling smokers to take it 3 paces away from a doorway is "the end of fun" and governmental persecution and related to Nazism.


Catastrophic global warming doesn't exist, and if it does it's a good thing because people like it warm when they go on vacation.


A story of trans people leads to pages of homo "jokes".









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Everyone has the right to refer to themselves as any pronoun they prefer. And everyone else has the right to refer to anyone else with whatever pronoun they (the speaker) prefer. Anyone who tries to dictate what pronoun any other person uses to refer to anyone else is an idiot.  I prefer to use the following catch-all pronoun: (for all genders, groups or trans) or faggot for short. 


just joking, I am in fact a trans myself. Language police go home...........

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When I first read this story in a newspaper a couple of days ago there was no reference to the gender of the maid who was slapped and that is how it should be. The issue is that a customer was abusing the hotel staff and got their comeuppance.


Why the ThaiVisa headline chooses to highlight "Ladyboy" is beyond me


And as for the transgender phobes on this forum, perhaps they are the ones who deserve a god slap, only don't expect compensation

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6 hours ago, colinneil said:

Why are you confused?

He was born male, will be male until the day he dies, nothing/ nobody can change that.

Dont know if you guys know this but their sex in their pasport can be changed to female so actually their female (if the whole operation is finished by the way)

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