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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 07:13

Extreme Brexit could be worse than financial crisis for UK: BoE

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I used to enjoy the discussions down at the local bar between  the Brexits and remainers - unfortunately neither side can afford a few beers any more so at least thats  one thing sorted ......in a way !


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7 minutes ago, evadgib said:

I agree that products need to be protected but there must be ways around it? How does the wine industry fare re Burgandy etc bottled in say Chile or OZ? I also recall reading something supporting your point involving the term "Kiwi" fruit where NZ failed to trademark the name and lost out to growers in Chile around a decade ago.

This document from the EC gives an insight into the issue - http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_MEMO-03-160_en.htm

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8 minutes ago, marko kok prong said:

I hope the Brexiteer expats ranting on here,have the required lump sum in the bank,as many will not make the income test,if the pound falls to parity with the dollar,i guess they won't be so happy then,when it affects THEM,maybe they can return to glorious Brittania, one tip take a sleeping bag and some cardboard with you.

Yes!! This is a possibility. But we will have our freedom mko.


We will need to rebuild our industries. Eat more UK caught fish, drink more English wine, scotch whisky, and stop those foreign footballers taking out the pounds from the UK.


I see Spain has caused a little headache over Gibraltar. It's only been a democracy for 5 minutes. Not like us. We could bring the Mediterranean shipping to a halt if we wanted to.


Step up to the plate the new Winston C! Is Moggie the man???

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

... But if it happened, there would be a 25 percent tumble in the value of sterling -- taking it close to parity against the dollar -- a spike in inflation to 6.5 percent from around 2.4 percent now, and a jump in interest rates. House prices would fall by 30 percent.

I get paid in US$ and don't live in the UK but plan on buying my retirement mansion there soon so, if you must, bring it on.

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