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Roi Et Immigration.


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Yesterday I was even more amazed than usual during my amazing stay in amazing Thailand,

because I received a letter from my local Immigration office in Roi Et province, never happened before,

reminding me that my forthcoming visa extension was due in a months time and to make sure my continued stay in the Kingdom was valid I should appear at the afore mentioned office on or before the due date to apply for a further 1 year extension.

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It’s a good idea sometimes I remember until it’s time and I’m a last minute rush to get it done. I’ve had to ask Ubonjoe a couple of times and it worked out without a hitch.


Had to apply for new passport mine was expiring and mailed it to BKK US Embassy already on at tight schedule to get it back I didnt

sign the paper and had to send that portion again. Then get the Income letter from BKK I live up in the Northeast got the passport 

back next day was the deadline and luckily all worked out..

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