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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 06:19

Vientiane to Udon Airport in 2.5 hours?

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Good advice by all. I have condensed it into the following options:


1. Leaving the Thai consulate at 4pm, I tuk to the border while checking in on my phone (or even earlier), get through Laos immigration, then taxi through the Thai immigration car lane straight to Udon Airport for 1,000. 


2. Forget this whole thing and take the 5pm Vientiane bus to the bus station and then tuk to the airport for a 9:30 pm flight. Kills another 2-3 hours sitting around in the heat/long immigration lines, but the time windows are spacious


3. Direct flight from VTE to BKK and hope that immigration lets me through (officer tried to catch me this last time with language tests. I got lucky this time as I was on a beginner level Chinese ED visa. This never happens at the border, only BKK)


I think I'll try #1, you guys have given me good ammunition to make it work 🙂

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