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BANGKOK 23 February 2019 01:16

Easy pickings for thieves at Suvarnabhumi luggage carousels

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Easy pickings for thieves at Suvarnabhumi luggage carousels



Picture: Thai Rath


Thai Rath reported that despite high level security and wide CCTV camera coverage the luggage carousels at Bangkok's main airport were being targeted by thieves. 


They said that some of these were easy pickings with the chance for thieves to make up to 300,000 baht. 


On Sunday the online version of the South China Morning Post featured a story about Chinese nationals stealing at Bangkok's principal airport. 


Two recent cases in November resulted in arrests after thieves arriving at the airport went to the wrong carousel for their flight and targeted expensive looking bags. 


But there are many cases of theft that go unresolved, said Thai Rath. 


They listed six tips from a local female police captain to help avoid becoming a victim.


Pol Capt Preeyakarn Saleeworarot advised passengers to go to the allotted carousel without delay, make sure your bag is clearly identifiable, has labels in Thai and English and airline tags. 


She further warned people not to have valuables in their loaded bags and not have third parties pick up luggage. 


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-12-03
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With facial recognition technologies getting more sophisticated by the day, maybe soon, systems will be in place that take a picture at check-in and link the baggage tag numbers to that image.  Facial scanners at the exits of baggage claim could match faces to tags instantly.

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30 minutes ago, scorecard said:

Install the same process as used at Japanese airports.


Passengers claim their bags from the carousel then line up for an official to check the number on the tags put on the luggage at check-in at departing airport against the check-in stub given to the passenger at check-in (often stuck on to the back of the boarding pass or the passport).


As always in Japan it's checked carefully and nobody gets past these airport officials without this check.  

In most countries checked baggage is generally inspected and checked at customs, but in Thailand customs checks are not regular.

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