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What movies or TV shows are you watching (2018)

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18 hours ago, IvorBiggun2 said:

Any hints of another series?

I thought These 3 were outstanding:


Pod Prikritie AKA Undercover



Pustina AKA Wasteland



Aranyelet AKA Easy Living



I also really enjoyed


Money Heist AKA La Casa De Papel



Loin De Chez Nous AKA Fra from Home



Uspjeh AKA Success









Wolf AKA Boru



La Chica Que Limpia Aka The Cleaning Lady



Hollands Hoop 



Guyane AKA Amazon Gold



Hooked AKA Koukussa






The Mechanism AKA O Mecanismo



All are available at TPB, Lime or RARBG


You will have to search under both names sometimes to find them with subs.

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On 12/21/2019 at 4:26 PM, Will27 said:



It's a belter of a series.


Right up there with Gomorrah and Sr. Avila I reckon.

Had a look on various sites and cannot find Umbre

Could you please tell me where I can obtain this show?

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9 minutes ago, tlcwaterfall said:

Had a look on various sites and cannot find Umbre

Could you please tell me where I can obtain this show?

They're all on TPB.


Use the uploader spud17.

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19 hours ago, canthai55 said:

Alpha The Right to Kill 2019

War on Drugs in the PI

(seem to be on a PI roll lately)


Sodom 2018

Electronic waste recycling in Africa

Having spent a lot of time in Davao when DU30 1st got in & implemented this policy, I'd love to watch this move but none of my many IPTV Apps have any streams for it, could somebody please PM me as to where I might find it.


NB I don't download, much prefer to stream, so if there is nowhere I can stream it from I'll give it a month or 2 and try again. 




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Watched a couple of things that were on the BBC iPlayer.....


Firstly, I thought that "Our world war" was very good indeed and is well worth a watch. It has three episodes, all with a different title and dealing with different aspects.


I then watched the "Sally Challen case" and it was interesting to say the least, however I was not comfortable with the outcome, because to me it didn't seem that someone should be able to walk away from something like this. I could see the point that was made by the defence on the retrial, however did not see that this point directly related to the woman who was portrayed in this case, especially after she was released from prison and seemed perfectly normal?


Worth a watch in my opinion. 

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Bez Vedomi AKA The Sleepers 


This one looks promising.
All six episodes available on Lime.

Summary: 1989, on the cusp of the Velvet Revolution, Marie and her husband Viktor return home in Czechoslovakia after years of exile.  After a car accident, Marie wakes up from a coma with no trace of Viktor.



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I was at a local eatery and saw the boss daughter watching a American cartoon with English subtitle on sunday morning.


Does anybody know where to buy this or watch this?


At first I thought it was from terrestrial Thai TV but I couldn't find the program on my TV.


My Thai is not good enough to ask the eatery's boss about this.



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