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Humorous Signs, Photo's and Video's MK3

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Only in Belgium...


Alleen in België.jpg


                APPLICABLE  ALSO

         FOR   OTHER   COLORS


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Little seasonal joke I was told yesterday.....................


Englishman, Scot & Irishman are all killed in an accident and arrive at the pearly gates met by St. Peter. He says, "As this has happened near Christmas, I'm asking that you present me with something from your persons that represent Christmas before I let you in".


The Englishman puts his hand in his pocket and produces a gas lighter, lights it and says, "This represents a candle" and Peter lets him pass.


The Jock fumbles in his pocket and produces a bunch of keys; "These represent bells" as he jingles them and Peter lets him in.


The Irishman pulls a pink g-string from his pocket and presents this to Peter. Peter says "I don't understand, what has this to do with Christmas?".


Paddy says, "They are Carol's".

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