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The official Manchester City thread 2019

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I think most of us on here, led by Kadilo, were bored with the FFP and other stuff on the club threads so Kadilo opened a seperate thread for people to use. Seems Carmine wasn't aware of that or chose to ignore it; though he may have been on an 'enforced break' at the time. Anyway as you all seem so keen to discuss FFP again, lets.


This City vs FFP situation should be broken down in to two parts; (i) May 2014 sanctions and (ii) recent Spiegel ALLEGATIONS.


(ii) recent Spiegel ALLEGATIONS.

Carmine has posted about EUFA's latest development. City are doing the right thing and keeping quiet and will no doubt come out if/should/when EUFA make any move which challenges City. NONE OF US know the truth behind the recent Spiegel accussations and we will not know until (a) Eufa charges City, (ii) City respond, and (iii) there is an outcome (City sanctioned or City not sanctioned). That is some time away so stop with your City are guilty as NO ONE knows if they are or are not including EUFA until they prosecute City and City's defence is heard and there is a conclusion.


(i) May 2014 sanctions

Colin Savage, financial guy, City fan, etc, has written about how City initially met FFP but were shafted by EUFA moving the goal posts, which is why City were willing to tie up EUFA in the courts for years to come if EUFA would not be reasonable. Take a read of Colin's 2016 articles and his very recent 2018 article:
















I do hope you will read and educate yourselves on both sides of the story - yes there really are two sides to every story - though i very much doubt you will as it's easier to keep posting without knowing isn't it.


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21 minutes ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:


Yes, apologies, it's for technical reasons. These large threads are clogging up the server.

Jonathan, Does that mean that the previous 12 years of posts will be deleted?

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On 12/4/2018 at 1:17 PM, Jonathan Fairfield said:

Yes, apologies, it's for technical reasons. These large threads are clogging up the server.

That's just a theory , nothing seem the be working any faster today. 


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Ben Foster 1 vs City 2


85 minutes cruising; 9 minutes panicking. We played well but should have killed off that game early doors, we had that many chances but Ben Foster was brilliant and kept them in it.


Pluses -

Good to see that the real Sane is back! Merlin, Bernardo, Fernandinho and Mahrez were very decent.


Minuses -

Jesus looks like he’s just joined us from ManU – total loss of confidence – and we desperately need Aguero back.

Delph is/was a worry when he has to defend.

We changed the whole of the back 4 for the game, but more importantly Laporte didn't play in the Premier this season for the first time and oh how did it show!


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Not our day. Should have scored when we were dominating and playing well first half. The chelsea goal came out ofthe blue (no pun intended) and i ddidn't think we'd come back. Chelsea got better 2nd half. Couldn't see us scoring and their 2nd killed us off.

Fernandinho, Laporte and Sterling 2nd half (when he was the only threat we had) were the pluses. Sane should have stayed on for mahrez - mistake. Delph isn't up to it and gets targetted. Merlin had a rare off day and looks to have done his hamstring. Not a good day.

Advantage liverpool (missed mahrez penalty, 96th gift from everton...lady luck seems to be a red)...getting veey worried.

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