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The official Manchester United thread 2019

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Had a scandinavian feel about it this match. Ole is Norwegian  Lindelof Swedish Ericsson Danish Spurs can't Finnish.

How good is the Maguire, Lindelof pairing....    

The word you're looking for is Envying😎

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Castles with another scoop.




In a post-match dressing down delivered in front of the entire United team, Mourinho is understood to have called Pogba “a virus”. According to a dressing-room source, Pogba was admonished with the words: “You don't play. You don't respect players and supporters. And you kill the mentality of the good honest people around you.”

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Nev, here's another one of those City fans vs ManU fans surveys (2014) we love:


1. City fans are more concentrated in the areas around Manchester than ManU fans. Only 28% of British ManU fans live in the North West region, while 49% of City fans do.

2. City fans hate ManU more than ManU fans hate City 

3. ManU has more fan numbers in the younger age range of 18-34. City’s fanbase has a higher percentage of older people.



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20 hours ago, Bredbury Blue said:

It'll be a rare occasion this weekend when i want ManU to win - how sad is that - but i bet you <deleted> it up for me. Still you usually do well against the red scousers so fingers crossed. Get that bus parked!

I know you're still fairly new to it, so I'll give you a tip about the title race - never rely on anyone to do you any favours.


I would much rather you retain the league than them win it.

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Actually Rick I'm not new to it as my first title was back in the 60s so no tips are required thanks, but yes you're right you shouldn't rely on other teams. Your comment makes me think you're waving the flag already before tomorrow's game.

Understand your comment on liverpool, as apparently they're your derby opponents (snigger), because as a City fan I'd prefer anyone other than our derby opponents ManU to win the title in any season.

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25 minutes ago, Bredbury Blue said:

you're waving the flag already before tomorrow's game.

Like everyone else I don't know what to expect.


One thing I'll say is that we usually play well against big teams even this season (Chelsea + Juve away etc), where we go wrong is not being able to perform against teams we should be taking three points off every time. My biggest concern is the defence. Maybe he will realise we can't rely on the current defence and just go kamikaze. Or he could set up with two banks of four and look to hit on the counter... which is not parking the bus!

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Thanks @Bredbury Blue for the heads up on this a few weeks back.... Not watched it yet, but the opening lines from Sir Bobby draw a very creepy parallel to what it happening right now. And what a man for admitting he probably should have been left out of the team.



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