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The official Manchester United thread 2019

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Had a scandinavian feel about it this match. Ole is Norwegian  Lindelof Swedish Ericsson Danish Spurs can't Finnish.

How good is the Maguire, Lindelof pairing....    

The word you're looking for is Envying😎

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20 minutes ago, mrbojangles said:

At least he's not bonking his sister in law or someone's granny. Yet!

Well, he's in a Greek jail so his options are going to be limited....

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2 hours ago, Bredbury Blue said:

Seriously though lads. Apparently someone said Maguire runs like a girl and then it all kicked off.

Well it’s understandable really............If you’re the girl you ain’t gonna be happy. 

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23 hours ago, champers said:

Harry Maguire arrested in Mykonos. Garbage player and now chav as well.

I'm just beginning to take stock of the situation... this is a Bolton fan labelling someone else as a chav.


One of the most chavvy fanbases and places in the universe. 

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