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Jonathan Fairfield

Pigs 101 (A Start): The official pig farming thread 2019

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18 hours ago, jompa67 said:

Guys, i need some information.


When pig raiser buying piglets (big farms). How many percent can they expect to die, get sick or other kind of problem so they need to be sold in advance.


I have heard of 3 - 5%.

from what i hear from company "doctors" and the few farmers that i speak too, very good is around the 3%,  total loss (thats piglet delivered @ around 5kg then going onto the finished 95/105kg) 5% is normal/good 7/8% is getting bad... 

you sell your piglets out older and around the 10 + kg mark so the farmer buying should have a low death rate me thinks....

this time of year the transportation could affect the piglets if picked up in the day time.... if i were buying i would pick up during the late evening....

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