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BANGKOK 20 March 2019 01:41
Jonathan Fairfield

The official farm photos thread 2019

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I was out today and found this bailing sugar cane, leaves /straw, the crop was cut by machine not far from me ,I asked him if the it was going for bio fule ,the guy looked at me ,then I said what bio fule was ,he said it was going to make papper? .

You can see the rake rowing up the straw  and the baler baling the straw, they estimated one bale weighed 300 -350 kg.

The guy with the loader, a sugar cane grab had never picked a bale up, the first one he lifted the other way, and it just fell apart the last photo, but once he got the ider he had no problem loading the bales in to a 10 wheel truck. 

Two guys, they said the big square bales would be better, but I said the square baler would cost a good few million baht need a 130-150 hp tractor to work the machine, and you would need a forklift truck to lift the bale , one bale can weigh a ton , I have heard they is one working in Issan ,that sugar cane straw going for biofuel .

As I was driving down the road  I had just past a field of bunt cane straw, you could see the smoke 2 km away, this has got to be better, first time I have seen anything like this in our area, hope it is not a one-off .








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