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The first paragraph is missing from the lion "joke" above/previous page.

Here is the full "joke";


Once, there was a small private zoo that was dependent on public contributions to pay for its upkeep. However, due to the COVID pandemic times were tough and the zoo was losing money hand over fist. Somehow the owner had to raise some cash. He came up with a brilliant idea. The next day, notices went up that anyone who could make the most ferocious lion jump straight up in the air would win £1,000. The entry fee would be £50.

Many people tried, but no one succeeded and much to the owner's delight, a lot of money was raised. Then, two days later, a small, rather insipid man arrived at the zoo and offered his £50 to take up the bet. Feeling quite safe, the owner took him over to the lion's cage and called for witnesses. When a crowd had gathered, the man produced a wooden truncheon from within his coat, swung it around in the air and hit the lion in the testicles  as hard as possible. With an almighty growl, the lion jumped three feet into the air. Very dispirited, the owner handed over the £1,000 prize.

A couple of months passed and the owner was forced to think up another bet.

This time he decided to challenge people to make the lion shake his head from side to side within 15 seconds of meeting it and without touching it or giving it anything in any way. It was a roaring success and the financial situation started to improve again. 
Alas, to his horror, the small insipid man appeared one week later and handed over his entry fee. He went over to the lion and whispered, "Do you remember me?"

The lion nodded apprehensively.

"Do you want me to do the same as I did last time?"


And the lion shook his head vigorously.

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