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"How many Thai Visa members does it take to change a light bulb?" One to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed. Fourteen to share similar experiences of changing

An Amish family decides to go to New York for the first Time in their lives; Mother, Father and their son.   They go into the Empire State Building. As they're walking around they notice the

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A worried citizen calls police....


Man: "Is that the police? I'd like to report a multiple rape. There are 2 men raping a poor woman on the floor!"


911 operator: "Sir, could you please give us the address where you saw this?"


Man: "Sure I can. It's at Pornhub.com"

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I'm looking to start up my own business, recycling discarded chewing gum.
Just need help getting it off the ground.

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Great US comments.


People think that US imports are made in the US. That is obviously not true. Some are made abroad and assembled here. -- Junior Bush.


Why do I need learn English. I'm never going to England. -- Homer Simpson.


The definition of divorce. The act of ripping a man's testicles through his pay-check. -- Robin Williams.

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All sentences are solvable.


*There is a fruit in each sentence. Just need to identify the fruit from the given statement:-*


Question : Did you see a man go by? 
Answer : *(Mango)*


1. He found his home lonely after his dog’s death.

2. One dare not rob an anaconda of its prey. 

3. The crook made his escape armed with a gem. 

4. She told her uncle money was what she needed more. 

5. If I go out now, I shall miss my cousin. 

6. Either courage or anger made him move swiftly. 

7. The beggar held out his cap pleading for money. 

8. Matters regarding rape should be dealt differently. 

9. The English teacher Ryan teaches French too.
10. He saw his papa yawning at work.
11. He had kept on his lap lumpsum of money.

12. Are classes for Telugu available in this city? 

13. It is easy to shape a child rather than a man.  

14. He is an extremely cheesy guy. 

15. Can I wear a khaki with a black shirt? 


 The letters are all found next to each other. No need to jump or skip anywhere or separate in the sentence.

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