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"How many Thai Visa members does it take to change a light bulb?" One to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed. Fourteen to share similar experiences of changing

An Amish family decides to go to New York for the first Time in their lives; Mother, Father and their son.   They go into the Empire State Building. As they're walking around they notice the

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My Dad was very careful with his money.


When he became a bit hard of hearing he refused to buy an expensive hearing aid.


He bought a piece of flex, and would put one end in his top pocket and the other end in his ear.


It didn't help his hearing but he found that people spoke to him more loudly.



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A man gets arrested. ‘Anything you say will be taken down as evidence,’ says the copper. 
‘Stop hitting me with that truncheon!’ says the man. 

I got home early and jumped into bed with my wife. 
‘Sh*t,’ she shouted, ‘My husband’s home!’
Like a real d*ck I jumped out the window straight onto the roof of my car. 


Did you know that if you ain’t circumcised you can’t join the police force
That’s because you ain’t a complete Dick! 

A wife asks her husband why he never calls out her name while they’re having sex. The husband shrugs, takes her hand and says,

‘Because I don’t want to wake you.’


Two rats in a sewer been eating the same sh*t all day. One says to the other, ‘I’m sick of eating all this sh*t every single day!’ 
‘Cheer up,’ says his mate, ‘We’re going on the pi*s tonight!’

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13 hours ago, chickenslegs said:

Best (worst) joke of the year so far (IMHO).

But then I set consistently low standards and it is only January after all. 

Come on folks we have it in us to set the bar even lower as the virgin limbo dancing actress said to the Bishop!

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Freddie Mercury dies and the Angel Gabriel goes to Freddie and says, ‘Freddie I loved your music so much I want you to go back downstairs. 
Obviously you can’t go back as Freddie Mercury or else you’ll be missed in heaven, and recognised back down there, so you’ve got to pick to be  someone else and I’ll put you down as him.’ 
So Freddie has a think and he says, ‘Angel Gabriel, I would like to be an English Premier League goalkeeper.’ 
The Angel Gabriel turns round and says, ‘What a strange choice, you could be anyone kind of person in the world, why do you want to be a Goalkeeper?’ 

Freddie says, ‘It’s quite simple. I’ll have eleven a*seholes in front of me and thousands of dicks behind!’

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Daddy was taking his young son for a walk in the park when they passed two dogs humping.

When the boy asked his father what was happening he told him they were making a puppy.

A few days later the little boy caught his mum and dad in the throes of sex and when he asked them what they were doing, dad replied they were making you a baby brother or sister. 

The little boy said,


"Well, can you turn mummy over, I'd much rather have a puppy." 

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Two kids were arguing in the playground. 
"My dad's a better darts player than your dad," said the first boy. 
"No he ain't," said the second boy. "My dad got the highest score last week." 
"OK, OK, but my mum's better than your mum." 

"Yeah, alright, you win!"


"My dad says the same thing." 

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Murphy was sitting down at work eating his lunch, cheese sandwich's, he takes a bite and says, "I hate cheese sandwiches same every day, been having them for years."

Three weeks later Murphy kills himself, in his last note he says I killed my self because of cheese sandwiches.

At his wake all his friends and family are they, his wife was talking to another family relation, and says, "I can not understand it he killed himself because of his cheese sandwiches, he uses to make his own sandwiches."    

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A young blonde is encouraged to broaden her horizons, in more ways than one, by learning how to parachute. After a few lessons it's time for her first jump, so that afternoon she and her instructor go up in a plane. The instructor tells her not to worry because he'll jump straight after her and quickly race to catch her up. 
So the blonde jumps out, pulls her rip cord and heads gently for earth. A moment later the instructor jumps out but when he pulls his rip cord nothing happens and within seconds he passes his pupil.    "Oh no you don't," says the blonde on seeing his instructor race pass. 
"You didn't tell me it was a race to the bottom." At that, she undoes her parachute and shouts gleefully,


"Last one home is a sissy." just as the instructor deployed his reserve chute.


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