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I have put these pictures in the nature section. If the mods do not agree everything can be moved.


Travelling through Isaan the last couple of days I noticed the dramatic impact of the draught. Thousands and thousands of rai of agricultural land are suffering from the lack of rain. Sources as pools and (small) rivers are (almost) empty. At some places the farmers are trying to squeeze the last drops from the water-flows


I made some pictures to get an impression.






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Also mansapparang is suffering. The somewhat bigger plants seem to survive (assuming there will be some rain soon). Small plants are dying everywhere.


Replanting is almost impossible by the lack of planting material. In the area I have visited prices went up.


Under normal circumstance one stick (which can be cut in three pieces) goes for 0,5 Baht per stick. Currently prices are quoted of 3 baht per one stick.


See pictures of a partly replanted mansapparang field.



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