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BANGKOK 23 July 2019 20:26

Too slow, poor service, not enough staff and corrupt - Dusit Poll gives Thai immigration the thumbs down!

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Too slow, poor service, not enough staff and corrupt - Dusit Poll gives Thai immigration the thumbs down!



Picture: Bangkok Biz News


Amid all the hype about Lt-Gen Surachate Hakparns takeover at immigration comes a poll that shows half of his customers are not happy.


The Suan Dusit Poll showed that half of the people questioned were less than happy with immigration citing delays, lack of officers, surly staff and rampant corruption. 


They called for faster service at immigration offices and a better attitude from staff.


The poll interviewed 462 people going to immigration offices in Bangkok and its surrounding areas (Phuttamonthon). 


Just 50% expressed satisfaction with the overall service of Big Joke's men and women, reported Bangkokbiznews.


Some were pleased with an improved service recently and efforts to increase the security of the country. 


But 47% said that there were long waits at immigration offices. 


And a whopping 27% complained of corruption despite the Lt-Gen's "no tips" crusade.


And 25% complained that not enough was being done to keep illegals out. 


When asked what was impressive about immigration 38% said polite staff, 31% cited help to tourists and 29% believed the service was wholeheartedly sincere. 


But when asked for negative aspects 50% cited slow and inefficient officers - and not enough staff. 


Some 34% complained about the bad attitude of immigration staff.


And a further 14% cited the problem of continuing corrupt practices. 


People were asked what they would do to improve matters.


Some 42% wanted to see a faster service, 20% called for an end to corruption, 19% wanted better sense of service from officers, 13 wanted better technology and 5% called for more small help center booths so people did not have to travel to main offices. 


Source: Bangkok Biz News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-12-05


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