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BANGKOK 24 January 2019 11:57

Are Expat's Opinions of Thailand Influenced by how much money they have?

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20 minutes ago, impulse said:


Life just about everywhere is better if you don't have to cringe and wonder how you're going to cover an unexpected expense that pops up.  Businesses (and governments) have gotten so good at bleeding us dry a few $$$ at a time.


Back in the States for the first time in 8 years, I am astounded at how poor people can afford all the nickel and diming that goes on every time I go out in public.  It's just a few bucks to a few tens of bucks each time, but at the end of a month, it adds up to hundreds.  In Thailand for 7+ years, I don't recall feeling nickeled and dimed like I do here back home.


Another thing I learned in Asia is that the decision whether to go some place is vastly different when there is no gassed up car sitting in the driveway just beckoning.  It's a very different decision when each trip has its own discrete taxi or BTS or MRT expenses, as opposed to getting lost in the fixed cost of amortizing the car, paying the insurance and an occasional tank of gas.

I like your travel comments and that is what I love about Thailand.  I loved Pattaya because one can hop and off a baht bus.  So easy and convenient.  I would add that I don't borrow or pay for cars with loans so my USA travel costs are less than most.  But I still have amortization costs, routine repairs, major repairs that crop up, insurance etc.  Although I drive used SUV no need to insure the vehicle for collision, etc.  So there are ways to free up money and live cheaper no matter where one is.  I love hands free traveling on decent bus or train.  But I sure do like the independence of being able to hop in my car and go anywhere at any time.  For a few months I am happy to give that up and wander around Thailand.  Not sure how I will like 6 months of no car.  Motorbike is so dangerous, yet convenient

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10 minutes ago, Peterw42 said:

I dont think anyone has ever moved back home because its cheaper. 

I thought all those that have been forced back home claim that's it because far cheaper there.

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1 hour ago, dotpoom said:

I would imagine that all people's attitudes about life are influenced by the amount of "dosh" they posess?

what i cant understand is----how do so many people get to retirement age, after 45yrs of potential working time...yet they havent accumulated enough savings ,assets, passive income to provide for a good retirement.

so many dont even have enough to deposit the 800,000thb in bank for visa..{its a pittance,realy}

scrimping and scraping in retirement is not at all clever...prepare for retirement, we may live 30 yrs past 65..

i dont feel sorry for the people who havent saved---they must have boozed or lived over -extragantly, in their early years...

moving to a country with cheaper cost of living-doesnt always solve the problem....

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