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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 22:24

Thai 60 day tourist visa in Vietnam any recent experiences ?

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No, but planning for April next year. All organized thru tourist agent in Saigon/HCMC.

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Yep, did mine in Hanoi 2 weeks ago. Quite a simple experience. Booked a hotel next to the train station and was 5 minutes walk from the embassy. Was the only person there when it opened at 9AM.


Be aware that they did write a note on the tourist visa that my exit flight was greater than 60 days, but I had no problems at all getting in at Chiang Mai Airport.



~Eamon Delaney

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1 hour ago, Morty T said:


Make sure you get a Visa before you go. The Visa on arrival line is usually very long and time consuming. You will need a passport photo for the Visa $5 if you get it there. The https://www.vietnam-evisa.org/ Visa service can VIP you through immigration. $25

Good advice, though

  • the number of countries whose nationals get visa exempt entry into Vietnam has been gradually increasing; and
  • because of this, those who do still need visas are becoming less likely to incur long lines at the visa on arrival line.
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someone said recently that in Hanoi you could proceed directly to the VN airport immigration/passport control counter with the invitation letter from the internet and not havta stop at the visa desk first?...that would simplify things considerably...


the brits have been able to get immediately stamped in for 15 days for a while now with just their passports...



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6 hours ago, Morty T said:

Make sure you get a Visa before you go.

Free VISA waiver on entry for most of Europe.


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I got a visa in HCMC end of 2017.  Here are my notes, maybe it will help.



Viet Visa site: https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/

HCMC Thai Consulate: Thai Visa at Consulate in HCMC

Viet NA1 Visa Application Form  https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/form-on-arrival.pdf

HCMC Thai Visa application: http://www.thaiembassy.org/hochiminh/contents/files/services-20180518-114143-008682.pdf


Viet Visa Process


Canadians are required Visa to visit Vietnam.
Canadians can get a visa at Vietnam international airports.
But you need to apply for an approval first online ↓


To obtain Vietnam Visa On Arrival, do this:
    1. Go online: https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/
    2. Submit application form online and pay a fee $17
    3. Receive the Visa Approval letter by email (1 hour to 2 business days)
    4. Print the letter
    5. Get 2 photos (4 cm x 6 cm)
    6. Get 25 USD for the stamping fee
    7. Fly in and present the letter, 2 photos, stamping fee


The exact arrival date on the approval letter
The arrival date you provide should be the earliest you plan to arrive, but you can arrive after that date.

The departure date you provide will be the last day you are permitted to be in the country unless you get a visa extension.

Vietnam Airport Requirements
What I need
    Filled out "NA1 Visa Application Form"  https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/form-on-arrival.pdf
    Approval letter (apply for it online, pay USD, they email you this letter)
    2 Passport photos (4x6 cm, white BG, no glasses) (One on form, one separate, update: I only needed 1)
    25 USD or VND for stamping fee
*make sure the entry date on approval letter is right

Fee Details: https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/vietnam-visa/visa-fees/

Thai Visa Requirements


What I need
    Application form http://www.thaiembassy.org/hochiminh/contents/files/services-20180518-114143-008682.pdf
    Photos 4 cm x 6 cm (2 maybe)
    Passport 6 months validity
    US$40 or more.  Only USD
    Tickets showing entry and exit from Thailand.
    Bank statement showing you have 20,000 baht.
    20,000 THB cash optional, just in case
More notes

One guy says you can use a bus ticket as your onward ticket He got a $15 bus ticket to Siem Reap
Another guy says they wouldn't accept a bus ticket, but since he had funds, they waived the requirement
A flight out after 89 days is fine


Apply for Visa in HCMC


Working hours for visa section: Monday to Friday (except for Saturday, Sundays & holidays) :
8.30AM - 11.30AM & 13.30PM - 15.00PM

I think you have to apply in morning.  Didn't say.

Pickup visa next working day afternoon.


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13 hours ago, asdfrules said:

A flight out after 89 days is fine

On a recent report, a note was written on the visa-sticker about their flight being beyond 60-days.  This did not cause problems for the visitor, because he entered at Chang Mai airport - but it might lead to issues at a Bangkok airport (where one might have issues, in any case).

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Just back from Hanoi after getting a 60 day tourist visa, just a few points that might help others.
Stupidly I didn't even think about my return ticket back to the UK (when I finally leave chaing mai, Thailand) is in 3 months. I had to book another flight out of Thailand (Hanoi seemed the best option) as for 2 months time there and then in the visa office and email flight confirmation to the embassy and they printed it off and I got my visa the next day.
Whilst looking for ways to get to the airport I noticed something about prices being higher during TET, waited until I was back in Chaing Mai to Google what TET was, vietnam new year which is a long holiday and has different dates every year. 2019 it's exactly when I was going to renew my visa, Thai embassy will be closed for 5 days.
Moral of the story is make sure you know what is needed when getting a visa (quite a few people didn't know a bank statement was needed or what the fee was) and check the embassy will be open as they follow the thai holidays and the country they are in holidays.

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