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Fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma

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My son Stefan was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in November 2016, but in June 2017   no cancer cells were found.

On a follow-up examination, an unusual big lymph gland was found and the biopsy result showed that Stefan has Hodgkin's Lymphoma again.

Stefan gets cancer treatment in Siriraj Hospital. He gets new medicine and needs bone marrow transplantation. The costs of his treatment are very high and therefore it is necessary to ask for a donation.

Stefan decided to be a doctor of oncology and want to find a cancer cure.  Help him to get well and make him able to...Read More

You can donate and support the young Stefan here:


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For those who are wondering why this little guy story is going viral, here is a translation from a Thai article that sums it up (source : https://www.tnews.co.th/contents/341546).

Here is also a video of him on Thai TV a while ago :




Publish 2017-07-27 15:39:00

All three Thai students who represent Thailand compete in the International Math Olympiad. In Singapore, the third time in mid-July. The awards are back to the Thai people. Which is the following.

1. Ms. Werner K. Schroeder, Kanok Wutthamrong, 10 years old, Prathom Suksa 5 student, won gold medal in Paper Test competition.
Stefan Stefan Stefan Stefan, 13, Mathayom 1, won the gold medal in Maths Warriors.
3. Ms. Manee Nanisa Jiraporn Suwan, 15 years old, Grade 3 students won the bronze medal in the Paper Test category.
There are 1 in 3 children who are suffering from stage III lymphoma, which is Stefan's sister Stefan. From Jindamanee School I have to admire and praise the ability. Because even my sister is sick. The disease can not destroy the ability of the dream. Stephan revealed that. They are very interested in math and science. Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a doctor who treated patients. The intention is to become a specialized doctor to treat cancer. Previously, they enjoyed playing taekwondo. Have a good night. The highest level of children under 14 years and have patrolled the race to grab both the championship and the championship several yards. I know that the third stage of lymphoma cancer in November 2016. I need to enter the nursing care throughout. But there is good encouragement from your parents, doctors, nurses, teachers and friends who make a strong push to learn math.

In addition, Stephan's sister revealed the technique of learning in a good way. Is not going to memorize But to use understanding. I do not know what to do. Understand the class as much as possible. If not, ask the teacher immediately. Understanding the importance of class is a starting point before going to a special school or learning from the Internet. The disease that is acceptable to some of the body. Now it has been 20 times to light up the chemo and 6 times, but will not fight back. And make a promise to yourself. And family that will fight with the disease until healed.

On the side of Gen. Prayut Chan Prime Minister informed the news of Stephan's illness. The request is to encourage Stephan and his family to fight the disease and heal from illness as soon as possible. And make their dreams come true. I know that even though the disease will weaken the body of Stephan. I have a strong heart. The promise to himself and his parents that they will fight with the disease until healed. To complete a doctor's degree in cancer treatment in the future.


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