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Roi Et Revisited

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If Bert Bloggs doesn't mind, I'd like to return to his posting about Roi Et from around 15 months back.

Similar situation, after 16 years living 250 km away, we may need to relocate to Roi Et Province nearer to the wife's family because of her parents' failing health. 

Unfortunately, I also need regular visits to a hospital and would like to know if there have been any improvements to or in the Government City Hospital. We were there a month ago and I needed treatment on a Sunday so chose the Bangkok **** Hospital as I assumed the City would would only have A & E at weekends same as most towns. The Bangkok Hospital was very good and did indeed sort me out. Obviously not cheap, but good. As another member wrote, I was amazed how so few staff spoke English. They needed to find an older nurse (she was great) and the first doctor couldn't speak a word of English but the second one was super. I couldn't afford their prices every month so would need to check out the others.

Also, I have looked up house rentals and the few which are available are expensive at around 15k/month. Is this normal for the town? does  anyone know of any currently available as we are making a 6 day visit there over New Year.

I'm also in the over 65s group and not to bothered about bars and such but there appear to be a few  nice enough eateries which we will be checking out during our stay.

Any comments in the forum or pm will be appreciated especially from Bert Bloggs if indeed he did make the move.

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I spent a year in a village about 18 km outside of the actual town of Roi Et.


I recommend getting in touch with Keith, the guy behind the Roi Et Expats Newsletter. They do a monthly publication, and have people that can answer all questions. They helped me a lot when I was getting settled.


PM me and I will give you the email to contact. And if you have any questions I can try and answer. I am in my 20s so I suspect our experience will be quite different. I'm not familiar with the hospital there. The housing price of 15k seems a bit steep, but I only ever rented apartments so I could be mistaken.

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