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Christmas Lunch Hat Yai or Songkhla

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Sorry but there's not much on offer, Christmas isn't really celebrated here in Hat Yai and there aren't sufficient western expats to generate enough interest for restaurants to offer a Christmas lunch or dinner. Especially when the 25th falls midweek.


The Saneha restaurant in the Centara Hotel used to do a traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, but I think that's stopped. I think The Swan still serves a Christmas lunch/dinner on Christmas day, but you need to book; they try their best and it's not a bad attempt, but it's often memorable for the wrong reasons. 


To be honest you're just better off doing what we do, which is just go out for a good meal (not Christmas themed). I would strongly recommend you abandon the idea of finding turkey and all the trimmings, you'll most likely be very disappointed.


As for Songkhla I don't know, never spent Christmas in Songkhla Town, no doubt there will be places that try, but I doubt you'll find anything of note.


Remember, if you do find something then please post back to let us know!



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Sunset Cafe on Koh Yor (English owner) is having a big Xmas Day feast with Roast Beef, etc. Price is 750 baht. Will send PM with more info.

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