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BANGKOK 24 January 2019 11:11

Where to buy GENUINE Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries?

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Am I dreaming or is there somewhere preferably Chiang Mai that I can get a pack of these AA Eneloop batteries, I am after the black PRO version, 2500mAh.

I have given up on Lazada, what they show in the picture and what arrives is irrelevant for these bats. Just sent a four pack back as they were total fakes (couldn't even spell Eneloop on the rear packaging)

I saw 7/11 had some but were not rechargeable in the shop local to me.

I would prefer to actually see them first rather than buy online, but if anyone knows for sure that they are 100% I will buy from there.



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16 minutes ago, lopburi3 said:

No, I didn't buy from LazMall!  Thanks for that probably worth a try - I never worried about fakes before as I have never had a problem from any of the suppliers on Lazada before, until I went to buy batteries.

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