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BANGKOK 19 January 2019 11:21

translate this photo for me 🙏🏻

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Not sure but I think the first bit's "he think's I love him :-)" and last bit's crying with laughter.

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My wife is from the south and says that it's something like:


Something - she's not clear about this...


Tell me when you are going to Pattalung. 


Tut, you will be late for the wedding, I'll see you tomorrow.

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1rst sentence is more of an inside joke, or idiom reference unaware of, missing context, for compete translation will omit. and second sentence as well, seems related to first since time stamp of 3rd 2 hours later.

Now the third sentence is just a beautiful example of southern Thai, also there is a whole long thread in southernThailand forum on vocabulary, if you are into this or maybe this translation is just you spying on your girlfriend.

So to the third sentence:

สา - this is a particle, it gives emotion to the sentence, like it’s a pity. The sentence emotion, - “ it’s too bad, don’t think I’ll make it today” (is this southern?)

เหลยนิ - still (นิ - currently at this time)

ค่อย - eventually (is this southern?)

หราว - again or sometimes next time

ตอเช้า - tomorrow morning

So complete translation 3rd

Tut/Tat (name I guess)

(It’s pity) don’t think I’ll make it on time today. I’m still at the wedding. try to go again (to see you) tomorrow morning

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