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Big Joke: Forget the negativity let pretty "Nong Oi" show you the real Thailand


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Big Joke: Forget the negativity let pretty "Nong Oi" show you the real Thailand



Picture: Spring News


Spring News Network reported on the latest activities of media savvy immigration chief Surachate "Big Joke"  Hakpan. 


The media said that people had heard about the negative stories of the transfer of the Satun chief and his deputies for five hour delays at the southern border.


And stories about corruption at airports and elsewhere only added to the negativity. 


Now the Lieutenant General was encouraging the public to go to a revamped site on Facebook that would present a whole new image of the wonderful immigration police. 


Leading the way on "TravelWithImmigration" is sexy presenter "Nong Oi".


She appears to be one of the Lt-Gen's new sidekicks after he moved over from the tourist police to front immigration. 


The previous site referenced the tourist police but now immigration is enjoying the limelight under the guidance of "poster boy" Surachate. 


Source: Spring News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-12-11
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3 minutes ago, Cryingdick said:

She looks about 12 years old in that pic. Way to portray a wholesome image!

How do you get 12 from that photo she looks at least 22 so your a long way off and she is absolutely gorgeous .

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5 minutes ago, sawadeeken said:

I can't help but wonder how much 'sexual harassment' (and other sexual-exploitations) goes on within the 'Big Joke Regime'...........

How do you imagine she got this promotion? 😀 

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Sex sells is a reality in PR. I just wonder how this relates to the "wonderful immigration police":cheesy: Now I wait for BJ to appear nude in Playgirl Thailand to attract female Chinese tourists above their date of expiry. :cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:

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