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Not again! Drunk farang filmed abusing bar staff in Udon Thani


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Not again! Drunk farang filmed abusing bar staff in Udon Thani



video screenshot


A foreign man has been filmed being abusive to bar staff in Udon Thani.


Footage of the incident was shared to the Expat Info Udon Thani Facebook page on Tuesday.


In the expletive laden clip, the tattooed foreigner, who appears to be drunk, can be heard saying to the person filming “f**k you” several times.


It is not known what lead to the man being abusive but his actions were widely criticised by people commenting on the video.


One Facebook user wrote:  “Sometimes when I see this kind of behavior I am ashamed to be a farang in Udonthani. This man kills the good reputation of farangs in a couple of seconds”.


This incident involving a misbehaving foreigner appears to have taken place at the same bar where another foreign man was recently filmed threatening and verbally abusing the people working there.


Last month, a British man was filmed shouting a torrent of abuse at staff. The video was then shared on Facebook where it was viewed almost 20,000 times.

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Is it not the same place where the English nutter was? I think this is a bit odd and there is not any confrontation there just a guy a bit worse for wear who like many would object to being filmed like this.  



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Does one drunk, abusive Thai ruin the reputation of all Thais in a few seconds? 


Seems a bit racist to condemn all non-Thais based on the actions of one person. 

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