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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 22:32

Diving accident: British backpacker is stuck in a hospital in Thailand unless she raises £60,000 to fly home

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Backpacker, 24, who broke her neck in pool diving accident in Thailand stranded there unless she finds £60,000 to fly home

Sophie Wilson may never walk again – and now she needs £100,000 for medical bills and a flight after her insurers refuse to pay out

by Claudia Tanner




- Sophie Wilson was injured a week into her dream six-month Asia trip

- Fellow traveller pulled her from pool and prevented her from drowning

- Insurance firm deemed her injuries were a result of 'a reckless act'


A young backpacker who broke her neck in an accident is stuck in a hospital in Thailand unless she raises £60,000 to fly back to the UK.


Sophie Wilson had always dreamt of travelling the world – but was injured just a week into her trip after she dived into a swimming pool and misjudged its depth.


The 24-year-old was rescued from drowning on 1 December by a fellow traveller who pulled her from the water. She was rushed to hospital, unable to move or feel her legs.


Her head wound was stitched up at a local hospital and she then had to endure a three-hour trip to a main hospital “in agony” without any pain relief, she claimed. Sophie arrived there drifting in and out of consciousness and her family say it was “touch and go'” whether she would survive.

Full story: https://inews.co.uk/news/backpacker-gofundme-broken-neck-thailand-stranded-pay-60000-fly-back-to-uk/ 


-- INEWS 2018-12-14

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5 minutes ago, Crossy said:

My interpretetion of the story.

This is not diving as in scuba, this is diving as in having fun in a hotel pool (jumping in head first type diving).

That was my impression as well... hence why it was a problem that she misjudged the depth (you're not going to do so to your detriment scuba diving in any pool).

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