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Video: Last moments of motorcyclist as 18 wheeler flees the scene

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2 hours ago, Mich007 said:

Ok, so everyone is rambling on about who was wrong. This is a horrible accident. I have seen it and lost friends that way. What I find unsettling is the disinterest to help this person. The person with the dashcam comments and then drives away. The other road users see it is a person, he is dead and then drives away, like this HUMAN being is just another case of roadkill.

How about the guy running out to take a picture, then hears the sirens and runs away, doesn't even try to see if the guy is alive or not.  At least the guy on the motor scooter stopped, most would just go around him and carry on.  when you see it first hand you will know, this is not an isolated incident

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On 12/16/2018 at 5:12 AM, Huckenfell said:

Look again, the motorcyclist was riding steadily in the m/c lane. The truck definately cut the corner into the m/c lane and run him down. This truck drive obviously does not know how wide he should  place his truck to avoid enroaching on the m/c lane on a bend. HE is the guilty one not the M/c.


Motorcycle lane??  I have seen them marked in China, Indonesia, Africa even with their own stop lights/signs but not in Thailand..........

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Forgive me for not reading the whole topic, but it's immediately obvious to me that the motorcyclist tried to undertake on the left and rode into the truck driver's blind spot (why there is a rule not to undertake on the nearside) and the truck was clearly signalling a left turn. Motorcyclist 100 percent to blame. Phuk 'im, one less idiot on the roads.


Trucker 100 percent to blame for running in the absence of guilt, he did nothing wrong. He was probably scared, panicked, wife and kids to support etc, understandable, but he shouldn't have ran. A professional driver would instinctively known he did nothing wrong. . . but there are no professionals here.







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