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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 19:58

DTAC cut off service problem

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Would appreciate any help from the tech savvys on here.


Been a DTAC customer for ten years plus ,   got a message a few weeks ago to get my SIM card replaced , went in , and got it done , now , tonight the service seems to have been cut off ,


Is it a general outage , or , did the replacement not work , or did the operative at DTAC just not do the job correctly



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I have got the same message from DTAC.


Been in twice to see them, twice they have told me my SIM is OK. I've now gone past two cut of dates and (AFAIK) the phone is still working.


At least I am still getting messages from DTAC saying go in and change my SIM.

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What mobile phone do you use?

How old is it?

Only vague idea is, that it is related to shutdown of 2G services?

But this would mean that your phone is somewhat antique/very basic.

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Bit of an update ,


went into the branch at emquarter , 3 visits over two hours each time , much tooing and frowing with various members having a play on the phone .


Eventually got a staff member who realised how awkward the position was (no otp banking etc)


they got on to the "back office people" who after another hour sat waiting got the service back on


The best explanation I could get was that there is a changeover from 2g AND a change of company to some separate branch of DTAC I think


so 3 days , no service  , several visits ,  but if I had been away from Thailand it would have been pretty drastic


Phone is a samsung , just a year old , 

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