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"Expensive" Phuket dead as a dodo this high season


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I know Phuket is a bit more expensive than elsewhere. But I have lived here more than 5 years and the only thing that has gone up is the food at Wineconnection. Everything else are the same prices.

The Baht is too expensive now, thats the problem ...

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On 1/26/2019 at 10:26 AM, tifino said:

but, Patong was one of the many that for them, history was wiped off the map by the Tsunmami

It was the tsunami that put Phuket on the map.

Pre-tsunami, many people would ask me how to pronounce the island's name.

Post tsunami, everyone knew how to pronounce it.............

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Every time I went to Phuket, I left with the impression that getting money sadly dominated every aspect of their being for the people living there. There were no smiles or laughter -- just the very serious business of getting as much money as you can for what you've got.


I guess that brought them a happiness that we just can't see, but if the money's dried up, the place must have one of the most miserable populations on the planet. My 5 or 6 trips over the years has been plenty. It gets a little worse and the people a little greedier every time I've gone, so I can't imagine anything that would compel me to visit the place ever again.  


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