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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 07:14

Elderly Belgian urges motorist who hit her to come forward

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Elderly Belgian urges motorist who hit her to come forward

By The Nation




An elderly Belgian woman who was injured in a hit and run in Chiang Mai has urged the motorist who injured her to come forward and apologise.


Chiang Mai police deputy chief Pol Colonel Piyaphan Pattharapongsin on Tuesday said police were still trying to locate the driver of black car that hit and injured 78-year-old Gabriele Maria Elle (not official spelling) at 6 pm on December 9.


The woman was hit in front of a 7-Eleven shop on Hang Dong-Samerng Road in Hand Dong district’s Tambon Nong Kwai.


She suffered a broken right leg and bruising to her right cheek and many other parts of the body.




The car fled the scene after the accident.


She said she had been crossing the road after checking there were no vehicles coming, when a car came from nowhere and hit her, sending her tumbling to the ground. 


She said the driver did not come out to check whether she was alright, and merely sped off.


Speaking form her bed in Chiang Mai Hospital, the Belgian said she hoped the driver would come to visit her and show a humanitarian gesture by doing so.


Thassanalai Thiansanti, an insurance representative who is taking care of the woman’s case, urged witnesses who may have seen the incident and might remember the driver’s licence plate to come forward and inform police.


She said a CCTV camera outside the 7-Eleven store had been unable to record the licence plate of the car clearly.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30360666

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-12-18

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29 minutes ago, Nip said:

I'm guessing you work for a motor insurance company?

Sorry if I'm not entirely sympathetic to old folks throwing themselves in front of me while I'm driving along the road minding my own business. I'll do my best to avoid them (along with all the other 'surprise' obstacles on Thai roads), but sometimes they're gonna be hit.

Can't help feeling a person this age shouldn't be out on their own at night on a busy road.

"It came from nowhere" when they were clearly in the middle of a busy road, is an indication of her mental competence (or lack of).


If I'd been the driver, I'd probably have stopped (not medically trained, I'm not sure how I could have helped), but I can understand those who wouldn't have stopped.

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1 hour ago, NextStationBangkok said:

The poor lady's question is as good as asking a politician to confess to corruption in Thailand.....😆


Just claim the insurance and move on...🙏


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3 hours ago, YetAnother said:

asking for responsibility here ? good luck with that

Maybe she could get a wai.

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