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Mum's 'relief' as £60k raised to bring injured daughter home from Thailand after horrific accident


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On 12/18/2018 at 2:02 PM, ukrules said:

Good, I hope they follow up with a complaint to the ombudsman about the insurance company here.


And when the Ombudsman finds in their favour they will get another £60k...

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13 minutes ago, bristolgeoff said:

The family think it is the insurance fault no pay out.she did the jumping drunk.but the family think everyone should help in donating.they should remortgage the house or anything else instead of begging.thks everyone for donating saves us the hassle of the remortgage.hope they see this thread and see what people think

Im not sure the family blaimed the insurance company? Can you confirm they did, and not a news clip where media is the one who put words in their mouth. 

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1 minute ago, Sheryl said:

The stated issue is that the insurer considers the injury to be the result of a reckless act. Nothing to do with which hospital she was treated in or when the company was notified of the hospitalization, which took place under emergency conditions.


In an emergency the requirement for pre-authorization does not apply, one informs the insurance company as soon as possible afterwards. In no insurance policy that I have ever read is a person in a life or death situation, and/or unconscious, not allowed to receive immediate care under the policy.


Most insurance policies do not give the insurer the right to select the hospital, that is very unusual. Rather they set limits on reimbursement by type of expense. 



May I raise an issue on your final sentence which I hope is not seen as off topic? However if so perhaps it can be shifted to a more appropriate place


Before major - but not emergency treatment of the type under discussion - treatment in Thailand, one is of course required to consult with one's insurance company. Increasingly and certainly with my policy, there are insurance company agents in Thailand who steer customers to preferred hospitals with whom companies have an arrangement (they are keen on St Louis Hospital for instance) or negotiate prices with hospitals with whom they have not. As you say there are limits on reimbursement and my understanding is that insurance companies will not insist on preferred hospitals being used if a non-preferred hospital is the customer's choice and costs fall within specified limits.


For the avoidance of doubt, I am referring to a well known and respected UK company which I have used very satisfactorily for many years.


My concern is that in Bangkok quite a bit of homework needs to be done to find the best specialist. This is the experience of my Thai friends and I think also the advice you have given in this forum. Though I have confidence in my insurance company I'm not totally confident it would be focused on the best specialist rather than the hospital they would prefer to deal with.I'm wondering what in the eventuality of a major illness what would be the best way to manage this.








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Simply insist on your right to be treated in the hospital of your choice. Unless you have one of the very few policies that limit choice of hospitals, you can absolutely do this.


Of course, if the hospital in question charges more than your insurance covers, you may be stuck with the excess. In that case an insurance co willing to negotiate with the hospital over the price is an advantage.

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