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New "Smart Driving License" too smart for the Thai police


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This might mean the cops would have to issue fines on the spot like most of the rest of the world. Heaven forbid they actually have to be seen to be professional and trained to do their job in a manner that would meet international standards of the mid 20th century.

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Shouldn't one of the main aspects of a smart licence be that any penalty points or fines due should be digitally endorsed to the licence? Of course that would entail the RTP learning something about the technology. Will it curtail the corrupt practices? Of course not; a few banknotes can easily be offered in preference to an electronic endorsement.


This statement no more than an anti-modernisation sentiment.

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7 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

at least some Thais are trying to come up with ways to fight the police from holding your license for ransom and extorting money on the spot.



And those "some Thais" should be applauded for their efforts.....sadly though corruption/extortion are endemic in the majority of officials here and it will fall on deaf ears :whistling:

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2 hours ago, bluesofa said:

I'm not surprised it doesn't appear to have been thought through. One department announcing a policy without consulting other departments who will be involved.

Or is it just sour grapes on the part of the police, as it makes it harder for them to extort cash from motorists?


What he said!


But also: the concept of traffic- lights, zebra- crossings and handing out fines for traffic- rule violations are too smart for the Thai Police, sooooooo...



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Prevents he police doing what they have always done ?

Like holding the license ransom until you pay them their bribe?


A friend of mine was caught drunk driving - at the checkpoint he was put into a police “prison” truck and was able to call some police and army friends who he had actually been drinking with that night.

Three of them showed up all of them drunk of course and negotiated to let him go for 6000 Baht. There were about 15 other people in the police truck who had to pay fines up to 20,000 baht - needless to say no receipt for the money was issued.

The worst thing though was that after he paid the fine negotiated by his Pals he was handed the car-keys and allowed to drive home as drunk as he was!


Which just shows smart license ,regular license or no license at all as long as the law is “enforced” by a bunch of crooks it doesn’t really matter if the license is “smart” or not.


Second scenario almost a year ago a friend of a friend was caught driving drunk at the same spot.


The guy said down at the table with the police and they took his driving license away he told them he would call some friends who would bring him money to pay the “fine” - with the police busy with other people he walked over to his car while talking on the phone sat down in his car and drove away leaving his driving license behind with the police.

My friend who told me that story was laughing and told me what he did is just unbelievable and expected the police at the doorstep any day.

Six months past and nothing happened so his friend who had been driving without a license all this time went to make a new license and did so without problems.

Which clearly shows the police just want their money - enforcing the law or following up without being able to line their pockets - they are not interested in.






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9 minutes ago, boonrawdcnx said:

as long as the law is “enforced” by a bunch of crooks it doesn’t really matter if the license is “smart” or not.


This pretty much sums up the vast majority of issues in Thailand... 


There can be a good system in place, but it needs good people across the board to make it work properly... Thai's are generally too 'giving' when it comes to enforcement - much of this flexibility is what draws many of us here to this more relaxed way of living, however, the ugly negative aspect is there once the surface is scratched.... 


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It shouldn’t matter what uneducated criminals with badges think. They are the root of many problems in this country and if there is ever a chance for change, they shouldn’t be involved in it. 

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