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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 20:24

Rape up a fifth in Thailand with family members often responsible

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Rape up a fifth in Thailand with family members often responsible



Picture: Daily News


The head of a foundation that serves to help and protect women and children in Thailand has reported a large rise in cases of rape.


And in many cases members of close families are responsible prompting calls for the authorities to take a long hard look at the matter. 


Daily News called it a problem facing Thai society. 


Paveena Hongsakul, a leading figure who fronts a foundation that bears her name, was delivering figures from her Rangsit HQ on Wednesday. 


She said that there were 768 rape cases handled by her organisation from the start of the year until December 10th. 


This was a 21% increase on the same period in 2017. 


Of this number more than 200 of the rapes were perpetrated by close family members. 


Some 109 were described as "relatives" with a further 68 itemized as step-fathers and 33 as fathers. 


Teachers amounted to 20 of those committing rape with 8 done by employers. 


Many of the rest were known to victims or people who met them through chat online. 


The foundation also reported a 13% rise in assault cases reported to them and a 32% rise in family related problems. 


The only good news was that cases of human trafficking showed a 19% reduction. 


Some 2,650 family related cases were handled by the Paveena Hongsakul Foundation this year with 260 cases centering on internet related issues. 


In all 7,745 cases were handled by the group that principally aims to help women and children facing difficulty and seeking justice in society. 


Many of their cases have been improperly or poorly investigated by the police resulting in appeals to the foundation. 


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-12-20
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In my 20 years in Thailand I was always led to believe that Incest and Rape was quiet common in the villages up in sticky rice land

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I know about a case where the stepfather seems to be sexually active with his stepdaughter since she is maybe 14 years old.

All this is second hand information. I never saw it myself but that is not surprising.

It seems the mother knows what's going on.

It seems the daughter does not like the sex but it seems after some years (now she is 18) she likes the fact that she has some power to control her stepfather.

As long as father, mother and daughter "accept" this what can be done?

What would happen if a foreigner or a Thai would report this to the local police?

Would they arrest the father? Where would the money for the family come from? The mother looks after the young children.

Would some organization take care of the daughter? Sure? For how long?

How would the rest of the family react? How would the neighbors react?

It seems in some parts of Thailand that kind of behavior is not unusual and lots of people must have an idea what is happening but it seems most of the time nobody does anything.

And that is the problem and question: What could actually be done? And how likely is it that this will solve the problems?

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1 minute ago, leither69 said:

Thais don't commit crimes against Thais. 

This is not a good subject Honestly Family members who have sex with other family members such as stepdaughters sons need their balls cut out Thye are misusing the trust

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