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Tony W

Travel advice Pattaya, Ko Samed, Chao Lao Beach, Battambang

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My wife and I are planning to travel from Hua hin to Pattaya via the ferry then Pattaya to Ko Samed via taxi and boat.

Ko Samed to Chao Lao Beach via boat and taxi.

Chao Lao Beach to Battambang through Palin border crossing.


We have been to Thailand once before as part of trip organised for us by an independent travel agency. Which was brilliant but cost a fortune.

Can anyone give me advice on our travel plans i.e will the taxi drivers understand English. Is it better/ safer to use a bus for any of the journeys.


My particular worries are getting a taxi from the port at Pattaya to the boat for Ko Samed and getting a Taxi from the Cambodian border near Palin to take us to Battambang.


My wife is scared of flying so our jurney is planed around this. Any help would be much appreciated 



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Probably somebody here will have a good taxidriver for you and give his number.



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