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Authorities investigate after online firestorm about travel rip-offs in Krabi

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cabs will use the meter in future and never again will a tourist be ripped off.

So say him in Samui 

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I'm in Ao Nang now, staying in a resort about 3 kilometers away from the tourist area. When I want to go into town, I just step outside and flag down a white truck. Yesterday, ฿30 into town.


Today, I tried to flag one down, and a guy in a regular pickup stopped instead. He drove me into town and refused to take any money from me.


Everywhere you go in town, there are signs that say ฿150/person airport.


And yes, there are taxi drivers and tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis aplenty, and many try to get you to take them. I have no idea what they charge.

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On 12/22/2018 at 12:58 PM, petedk said:

What amazes me is that tourists and foreigners complain continuously about overpricing ,but no one reacts.

I do...

I tell them where I can get things cheaper and I say it loud enough for all to hear then I tell them to go screw themselves.


But in regards to transportation, everyone gets screwed one time or another. Sometimes because we don't have a choice other times cause we don't feel like haggling.

Until Thais grow a conscience this will never change. However, back home is no shiny example of honesty seeing how crooks abound in the west too.

Question is: Am I a crook? Only I can answer that... and are you a crook? only you can answer that one too...

As we all hide and are keyboard heroes no one really knows what goes on when the lights are off in our lives.

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