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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 05:53

Immigration Phayao

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Hi, i live 50% in a village outside Phayao and rest in Pattaya because when i was arriving here no had Immigration. I Always made my Visas and 90 Day reports in Pattaya. Do anyone have experience with the Immigration in Phayao? Thanks for your answers...PP

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Hot damn man, how do you cope with all that many replies 😁 ... then again just goes to show you choose the right place for some real R&R up there ... 


Phayao immi is okay now, just into their 3rd year of existence if I'm not mistaken - meaning requests for contribution in 'funding the (office-)furniture' etc. are no longer an issue. Small joint but sometimes pretty busy with mainly Burmese guest-workers, staff is okay with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions, the latter apparently been moved back-office ...


90 day rep no problem, just expect to (still) be asked for a full set of passport copies (as in: all pages) plus the filled form. Copyshop almost vis-a-vis, a bit to the right, 1min walk, 1 THB per page.
But depending on how far you're away from metropolis you might want to ask beforehand (Tel. 05407 7876) when/which days their boss is in for final signature where needed (like extension of stay etc.) because if not you would be asked to come pick up your pp the next day which sure is a pain in the rear if you have to travel like 80, 90 klicks or more one way ... 


Also do the TM30 (address rep) - and best keep the receipt-slip with your pp - 'cause you will most likely be asked for it when showing up for pretty much anything & if not having done it get fined ... 



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