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Foreigner woman caught on video spray painting road in Rawai


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2 minutes ago, dick dasterdly said:

With a bit of luck she'll get a couple of weeks in a Thai prison, and also be blacklisted.


That may introduce her to the concept that she cannot do whatever she wants, wherever she wants.....


in prison for spray painting the road ? are you for real ? But it seems that all the reviews that I read about this forum saying that only grumpy old men write here is true ?!





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Beleive it or not , she spray painted her insta account #annasiverri777


She did this down by the lake at Nai Harn. This am the authoritites sent a cleaner truck to clean the street. The Police should have made her get on her knees and clean it up herself or spend a couple of days at our local jail. Disgusting how some tourist act in foreign countries. 


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Total over-reaction from posters here.

It's just a bit of paint on the road.

Is it worse than the truck that spilled a trail of oil on the road and caused seven motorbike accidents recently?

Is it worse than the average pot-hole left unfixed for months and months?

Is it worse than motorbike drivers that weave in and out at speed?

Is it worse than the wobbly Chinese drivers riding all over the road at 5 km/hour?

Is it worse than construction vehicles that drag on the road creating a permanent groove?

Is it worse than all the coaches that get afflicted with "brake failure".


You people need to get a bit of perspective.

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These types of idiot violations are easy to handle. Free ride to wherever her Passport is located, overnight in one of LOS smelly accommodations, free ride to Airport and goodbye unwelcome visitor. Face not focused well, otherwise, with wife's permission, I'd be happy to provide accommodation for a bit. BODY VERSUS BRAIN.

In China she would not be seen again. In Russia, time for harvest.

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2 hours ago, kingstonkid said:

So have the perfect solution.  100days prison allow her out for 8 hours supervised exercise scrubbing graffiti.  


Invite all news agencies as well as embassies.


Make it known that desecration or public nudity will get the same treatment


Then every time this happens nobrown envelope or deal.


 Also blacklisted in Thailand.



Wot-no ducking in the pond?

No week in the stocks so you can throw rotten tomatoes?

No hanging, drawing and quartering?

You must be in a mellow mood..Victor.

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2 hours ago, scorecard said:

Plus she just gets into the car knowing that the make, colour, rego. no. and the extra writing of the rego. no. on the corner of the bumper A4 7917 PKT, makes it very easy for the cops of whoever to quickly spot her car.



Assuming it is hers...what if it isn't?

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Really? People are more upset about this than the bloody death toll on the roads this weekend.  Who gives a <deleted>?  It's colorful. It's just a piece of pavement.  I'd rather see spray paint than a dead family from an accident on the road.  

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