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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 20:00

Can't attend in person

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Having been through this before, basically you have 2 choices:


1. Send it EMS and hope and pray it gets there. Put a vague description on the customs declaration. Total indemnification will be 0 Baht if it gets lost or misplaced since you are not supposed to send gold or cash by post. The receiver will not be liable for tax.


2. Send it by FedEX using the receiver's account and then all you have to do is drop it off, fill out the form and enter the receiver's account number and select the amount of insurance. There is a very high probability (like 90%) that the receiver will be charged (a lot) of tax. But it will get there. If you try and send it FedEx without using the receiver's account then you will be asked to fill out numerous forms and 100% the receiver will have to pay tax. Although I can't recall what it was for, but we were told that we may also be liable for a tax of some sort payable on top of the shipping and insurance costs.

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