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I just hope while trying to find alternatives you aren't just building up to a slip. Myself I've never heard of any other way than AA and it has worked for me. As long as I work it.


Meeting are not required to get recovery from alcoholism the AA way.


BUT .. If one wants recovery the AA way doing the 12 steps is suggested and if you want to take the suggested program then one must do the 12 steps.


If you are practicing the 12 steps then one is also practicing step 12 and should be looking for other alcoholics in his/her community to take through the steps.. then a fellowship "grows up around you" as a result of YOU helping alcoholics stay sober the AA way.


So many people in AA put focus on the meetings ... but that is not the message of recovery.


The message of recovery is: Recovery through a spiritual awakening brought about by doing the 12 steps

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