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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 03:20

Older teenagers in Krabi?

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Hi everyone, my daughter and I have been in Ao Nang, our friends run a Muay Thai gym, and we have been here for the past month training . with them. I am thinking of getting a tourist visa and staying for the 90 days. My daughter just turned 17, and for the life of me I see very few kids her age out anywhere. Whether it be Thai kids, foreign kids, or kids from expat families, I want to help her get connected with someone so she isn't bored out of her mind. Any ideas of how to meet other kids her age? Are there any families living in Krabi (Ao Nang area or nearby) who have older kids? 


Thank you!

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I would imagine the likes of facebook, instgram and snapchat would be her main ports of call.

Nearest international school could well be Phuket....

Good luck

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Thanks for the reply bojo. I think that you are correct on the social media. Hopefully someone on the forum will know more about it. 

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