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BANGKOK 21 July 2019 07:06

Recommendations learn Thai online

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Hi am looking for online course and/or pod cast you have used and was good for you to learn Thai.  Thanks.

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Not sure how that would work.  You need to have feedback on your pronunciation and use of grammar to get them correct.


However, there is an online course developed by America's FSI at http://thai-notes.com/FSITLC  It's a bit dated, but is very rigorous.

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Thai pod 101. They have the teacher option that allows full interaction via messaging chat app thru the website. You can upload writing and voice.


Example of a lesson: Complete online lesson 1. Construct 3 sentences based on the grammar. Preferably something you know that will be useful to you in conversation. Write them in Thai. Practice saying them. When comfortable, record the 3 sentences. Upload both the writing and voice via the website chat app. The teacher will review and critique with a a written and verbal reply to correct and guide you


Any questions, comments, issues, guidance, and so forth, they are there for you. Typical response is always within 24 hours. For me, at least the reply is always around the same time each day.


Can do both computer and mobile. 


They also have an online placement test which is not easy. So for those who have been studying already, the test results will recommend a fair starting point. This way you are not starting from the beginning like most other schools via online or brick&mortar


I have used the program for 3 months and its great. After years of going to schools I dont have the time  to commute multi times a week. 

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