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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 21:17

Fly tipping in Hat Yai - got an @ for the city?

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An old thread has a number, but they cannot speak a word of English. Nor do they bother getting as text message translated... Commercial fly tipping in broad daylight is terrible

wild tipping.jpg

fly tipping license plate.png

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It's my number one complaint about Songkhla; the disrespect for the environment...I have never heard of the term 'fly tipping', but I guess it means just dumping garbage 'on the fly'. Here in Ranode the practice is still rampant and totally mars what could otherwise be a nice landscape. People do it at the beaches too...they show up for big drinking parties with mountains of plastic bags, then just leave everything on the beach when they are done....

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Our row of shophouses back on to the river, many of the units are multi-occupancy, mainly students from the nearby Hat Yai University. You might think they'd know better, but no, rather than take their bag of rubbish down to the street and leave it for collection, they just hoy it off the roof into the river or onto the bank. One of the reason we get rats and then snakes is the rubbish on the bank, there are daily rubbish collections so no excuse for dumping rubbish.


As for fly tipping in Hat Yai, it's endemic, there's builders rubble and household waste dumped on many vacant lots. The worst was after the 2010 flood, there were piles of spoiled furniture and ruined appliances everywhere in the city.



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