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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 03:30

At what age did you lose your coordination?

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I'm right at the age of retirement, and in the last year I had to come to some pretty awful conclusions.  I'm simply not coordinated in the same way as a few years ago, and this means zero chance of buying a motorbike.  It's little stumbling in your room that makes you realize this is getting older.  If you met me, you would think i'm very athletic.  And probably very coordinated; however, I know I'm losing that edge I had only a few years ago.  Yesterday I ran about 12 kilometers at a decent clip, but only because it's a relatively safe exercise.  The more dangerous exercises are not shelved. 


Today I saw an older guy cross a road on his bicycle without looking for cars, and a car had to drastically slow for him.  He was maybe 55 with an expensive bike.  I'm sure he thinks he's OK.  I see this countless times in CM.  


We live in the most accident-ridden city in the known Universe, and I think a few of us should really ask ourselves, "Should I really be driving a motorbike?"  Especially after we spill a drink, or stumble at night, or do something that clearly marks our age.   


It's slightly depressing, but I think I'm preventing myself from being a statistic.  Of course anything can happen, but if we are old and losing coordination, we are risking others as well.  We should know better.


OK my children, sleep well..... lol.  


My answer:  At the age of 50, I realized I need to slow down.  Don't cry for me.  lol.  


Maybe this should be moved to another section, but I'm trying to help people in CM decide not to ride a motorbike and crash into me tonight.  haha.  

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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

I was chasing a young Russian chick uphill along a trail in the Doi Suthep jungle this morning.

Didn't trip, didn't fall, kept up with a bit of gasping. I'm 62, don't give up, if you give up, you're dead.


Making up more stories......


You are a lot older than 62

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OP - get tested. Otherwise your mind may defeat you.

Are you over worked? Do you get enough sleep?

Are you getting poor advice? Case in point: I was power lifting 3 weeks ago, and the force from the bench press transferred to the balls of my feet. In other words, I had hyper extended my leg drive. I was pain ridden for 10 days. During this period, I mentioned said details to a 70 year old pal. "Your getting old, your tendons are weakening, and you shouldn't train heavy in your 50's" I nodded politely. I proceeded to rest for 3 weeks. Now my foot is fine, and the remainder of my body has benefited from the time off.

"When the Grim Reaper calls, kick him in the nuts as hard as you can. Then he may smile and say - just testing kid."


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Thanks for the replies.  I have a brain and am now trying to think.... maybe there was an imbalance in my ear (I stopped using q-tips for my ears) or my vision (had laser surgery forever ago) and so maybe will get some drops.


Maybe I'm just overthinking things and worried that I have had zero problems, maybe it's time.  In the last five years, maybe four people died in Thailand or the UK who I knew about.  


OK, tomorrow tight rope walking over a pit of crocodiles. 

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