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At what age did you lose your coordination?


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On ‎1‎/‎5‎/‎2019 at 11:37 PM, hyku1147 said:

OP - get tested. Otherwise your mind may defeat you.

Are you over worked? Do you get enough sleep?

Are you getting poor advice? Case in point: I was power lifting 3 weeks ago, and the force from the bench press transferred to the balls of my feet. In other words, I had hyper extended my leg drive. I was pain ridden for 10 days. During this period, I mentioned said details to a 70 year old pal. "Your getting old, your tendons are weakening, and you shouldn't train heavy in your 50's" I nodded politely. I proceeded to rest for 3 weeks. Now my foot is fine, and the remainder of my body has benefited from the time off.

"When the Grim Reaper calls, kick him in the nuts as hard as you can. Then he may smile and say - just testing kid."


Gyms. Worst place to go if you want keep fit and healthy. I've only found one good use for a gym.


You find one that is a brisk 30 min walk from your home. You walk there, turn around and walk home again.


I'm 73 next week. I walk daily, swim regularly and practice Chi Gong twice a day. My philosophy on fitness is 'no pain=no strain'.


I ride my motorcycle often and enjoy every moment of it. (except when nag's on the back telling me to 'slow down'!) IMO riding a M/C sharpens the mind and helps to keep you alert.







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A few years ago, I started to help out with some vision screening clinics in elementary schools. There were several vision screenings that us non-professionals could do, like using an iPad to check the for "color acuity" (i.e. color blindness), run 'em through an eye chart to check for distance vision problems, etc before the doctor actually peered into their eyes with the special equipment.


Anyway one of the tests was with a for depth perception, where the kids wear glasses like you wear at a 3D movies and look at images in a special book.  That's where I learned that I have really bad depth perception.  Really bad.  It explains a lifetime of little low-speed fender-bender accidents where I misjudged distance and where I do stupid stuff in the kitchen, like break glass wear and chip china when washing dishes because I hit it on the kitchen faucet.  I just flat-out misjudge distances.


I asked the eye doctor doing the clinics what can be done and he said "don't waste your money on 3D movies"  I'd already figured that out because I never saw what the fuss was about with 3D and often got headaches watching them.  He also suggested that maybe Hubby should taking over the dish washing.  


I'm glad I don't have to drive in Thailand!

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