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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 05:24

Saraburi Non-O Extension Marriage to Thai

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Details of Non-Immigrant O extension request for US citizen with monthly Income Affidavit from US embassy for 40K per month at Saraburi Immigration:


-Had US Embassy Affidavit dated December 2018 noting over 40K per month in retirement income. No work permit, I don't work here. Visa expires 29 January.

-Just moved to Thailand from US with Thai wife in Nov 2018 with 90 day Non-O visa from US applying for extension for one year.

-Saraburi Immigration denied the affidavit stating that after January 1st 2019 that US Embassy and Australia Embassy affidavits would no longer be accepted and the only proof of income was B400,000 held in a Thai bank account for two months for first extension.  I offered monthly statements of my pension that were rejected. 

-IO showed briefly a document in Thai that said the monthly income affidavit was no longer valid after January 1st 2019 and said the document providing authority for denial was from the central office.   The immigration folks were very helpful and provided my wife a document in Thai that said the same, 400,000 Baht for 2 months on the first extension and then 3 months for subsequent. No other way.

-They were kind to do a two month extension in order to get funds transferred from US to my Thai bank account to season two months. 

-enough time to xfer money but sad for those who don't have the funds.


Immigration offices vary but this was my experience at Saraburi on 4 Jan 2019.

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This looks an interesting development and should be in the visa section @ubonjoe



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