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Thai immigration reveals new requirements for retirement, marriage extensions (visas)

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Presumably the money deposited in a bank Thai account method (400,000 and 800,000) hasn't changed?   

Thye amendment only mentions changes to income option. No changes for the money in the bank or the combination option.

Thai immigration reveals new requirements for retirement, marriage extensions (visas)     Thai immigration have confirmed the new requirements for foreigners when applying for an e

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49 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

We are waiting for an official translation by a translation service to be finished which should be ready tomorrow.

What has been posted is just a basic translation for info only.


It's boggling to me that Thai Immigration often fails to provide their own official English translations of their own rules. I mean, apart from the Thai IOs enforcing them, it's the often English speaking or at least understanding foreigners who have to follow them. And that would be made a lot easier and clearer for a lot of folks if Immigration provided their own rules in English!


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3 minutes ago, Spidey said:

Just because no one has actually obtained an extension using the new regs doesn't make it "limited info", the regs are there for all to see.


"And they have to issue regs that will accommodate the greatest number of extension seekers possible"


"have to" really? They don't "have to" do anything, and rarely do.

Well until somebody actually gets one I'll consider the regs as limited info. And they aren't going issue regs so that their IMM officers have to be forensic accounts to figure out what the H--- is being presented to them. 

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