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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 03:55

Aussie Burgers Udon

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On 1/13/2019 at 7:17 AM, Isaan Alan said:

Starbucks in China has mini lamingtons in 3 colours. I was mesmerised. Maybe it was a lamington drive for fairies


Many Starbucks in China have a big impressive variety of nice and more western oriented snacks etc., and always very fresh.


My favorite Starbucks site, very big and just 3 minutes walk from the New World Imperial 6 star hotel in Shanghai. 


Went there many times for the snacks, but not for the coffee.


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1 hour ago, jonwilly said:

Yummy Pizza Chiang Mai, Toni does excellent ones as he will demonstrate on the 26th Australia Day.



Please explain how this applies to Udon - in the Isaarn Forum ?

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