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Kasikorn Bank can't confirm UK pension comes from abroad?

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I also use Kasikorn and have been getting letters form them confirming transfer of funds from abroad for years, ever since an IO required it of me for annual extension (apparently wrongly, but they di

For those of you using Transferwise (TW) to transfer funds I have had two long conversations with Kbank.   The transfers will be placed in one of 3 TW Thai bank affilaites namely BBL, TMB or

Maybe, just maybe, banks will review their code system if a lot of Farang customers will move their account to the Bangkok Bank.   On the other hand I am afraid we are not that important.

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15 minutes ago, Pappap said:

Sorry yes into Bangkok Bank.


I have read here on TV that yes, to Bangkok Bank Transferwise shows up as a FTT, or International transfer. Although one post suggested 2/12 transfers did not! Those odd ones may hurt an Extension application.

It may also depend on origin.

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Transferwise is not a foreign swift transfer. When you transfer pounds from the UK for instance they contact their local Thai office and they transfer baht to the local bank so how would that show up as money coming from abroad? That's why you don't get charged a transfer fee. That's why the TFW quote is exactly what is paid into your account.

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I have done three transfers with transferwise to my Bangkok Bank account in June, August and September.

In the internet banking the one from June can't be looked up (older than 6 months).

The latter two are shown as "international transfer".


    24 Aug 2018 14:02   International Transfer      18,762.43   xxxxxxxxxxx     AUTO
    27 Sep 2018 14:05   International Transfer      38,003.45   xxxxxxxxxxx     AUTO

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5 minutes ago, KhunBENQ said:

In the book the latter two appear as "FTT" which sounds good.

(foreign telex transfer?)


I just noticed that there are no book entries for March to August. A gap with +30000 Baht :wacko:

Update your book regularly!

Otherwise you get a "CMB", combined book update with no details!


Oh yes, I have a reminder 3 (plus a bit) months before extension renewal to update my book. That means when I do it for the extension I get a full 90 day listing. If people need to show every FTT deposit for each of 12 months that book may need dusting off more often.

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