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BANGKOK 23 January 2019 20:18

Govt Quietly Halts Election Preparations Nationwide

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Would it be fair to say that this cretin is taking-the-piss out of Thailand and the world? He deserves hanging, as Trump appears to be telling him, having got no sensible answer out of Prayuth re the election date.



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11 minutes ago, Artisi said:

it's a shame there isn't a few out there with the gonads to really bring it to a head -

hopefully one day there might just be someone out there with the necessary tackle to shout vive le Thailand and get something meaningful underway ensuring the correct outcome.

It takes sometime to organise, however when they do get their feathers ruffled, watchout, the reason there is actually civilians allowed to even be included in the running of the country is because of people power, unfortunately the trade off to save face the last time was, Generals in charge of departments, so in reality the military have never stopped running the country, it wont happen again.   

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